Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesdays's Little Things

1. Not having a schedule, no where to go and no plans and not even knowing what day it is. I could have sworn it was Wednesday today. I even told the kids a couple times that it was Wednesday.
2. Enjoying the couple of yummy (healthy and not so healthy) drinks made in my blender. The coffee mocha was the best!
3. Finishing making the kids smoothies just before the blender broke. Glad it held out till i was finished or else i would have had some disappointed kids!
4. Clean towels fresh out of the dryer.
5. My mom bringing me dinner.
6. The way a fresh vacuumed floor changes the look and feel of a room.
7. Jordan giving me a BIG hug on Christmas and thanking me for all of his gifts.
8. Having another adult person around to talk to instead of being in the house with kids all day! (thanks ashley!)
9. The way a child looks all snuggled up in their "blankie" on the couch sucking their thumb. So peaceful.
10. My sister in law (Roz) coming over to spend time with the baby.
11. Formula from my Mother in law!
12. Emy telling me she likes my food. (she thinks i am good cook! :)
13. Baby G not having a bottle from midnight to after 6 am.
14. Anything dipped in ranch. (and 3 cheese ranch!)
15. Blueberry salad from Matt's mom.
16. Taking the Christmas tree down and feeling like the living room is less cluttered.
17. Watching Little Man chase the light reflections on the wall. This dog has issues. lol.
18. Emma standing up for modesty when Gabe's girls are here. I never notice it as much until Emy and Isa are here and i see the differences in them and her. I am proud of Emma for knowing how a LITTLE girl should dress, talk and act. And knowing how important it is to dress modestly.
19. The kids oovoo-ing w Ashley and Skylar.
20. Having Ashley here to hold the baby when he's fussy so that i can get things done.
21. Emy reading better and better every time she comes to visit.
22. Scrabble with ashley on our iphone/ipod touch. And being able to play when we aren't even in the same house.
23. Jacob spending more time out of his room and being social. His personality is so fun.
24. Snacks after the kids go to bed because you don't want to share... hehe
25. Emma and Emy wearing matching outfits.

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  1. samie3:36 PM

    nice thanks for the little things today