Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oovoo with Ashely

So i was on OoVoo with Ashley and skylar while my mom and sisters were at walmart. Ashley has been waning an ipod touch for a while now and has asked for one for Christmas. 

Ashley asked me if i knew if my mom was buying her one for Christmas. i said "no". Then Ashley looks over and at Sky and asks her if she knows what she is getting for Christmas and Sky yells "IPOD!!!!" lol.

Thanks for ruining the surprise, SKYLAR!!! lol.
So then i ask Sky "what are you getting for Christmas?" and what is her response? "EVERYTHING!". lol

Well since she is an only child and spoiled rotten, i wouldn't doubt that santa is bringing her a little of everything!
Skylar is soooo funny. i swear she is just like my sisters. she says the funniest things all the time. Amanda needs to write down some of the things she says. she always has us laughing.

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