Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Tuesday 1-4-10

Ahhh such a peaceful Tuesday. So much to be thankful and blessed with so many things.
1. Gabe quitting smoking.
2. Breakfast at the Ocoee Cafe and seeing my Mom and Melinda.
3. Melinda seeing Baby G for the first time (other than the hospital right after he was born).
4. Surviving the car line.
5. Asking Jacob if he has homework and him saying "no, but i would like to do some research." (just for his own personal education, not needed for school)
6. Jordan laying with Molly for long periods of time just talking to her as if she is talking back to him.
7. Emma being a big help with the baby in the mornings when we are all getting ready before school.
7.5. Random "i looove you"s from Gail. 
8. Everyone being well enough for the massive amount of "sick stuff" to be put away.
9. Having a counter top again...
10. Having the kids at home RIGHT after school and them not having to have such a long day at daycare and school.
11. A visit from Gabe's parents.
12. All of the beautiful moments captured in each one of the following pictures. 
 6.5 weeks old

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