Friday, December 17, 2010

Today's Little Things

1. Got another hat  in the mail, that I bought from Ebay, today. I cant wait to try it on him.
2. A yummy lunch at Ocoee Cafe with Gabe. And you know we go there to see my Momma too! :)
3. Coming across a great deal on something that i have been wanting to buy! And buying it. (cant pass up something that is 50% off)
4. Kind compliments from a friend.
5. Gabe's days off.
6. Baby Gabriel's awake times. He loves to be read to.
7. PJ day at the kids school.
8. Christmas vacation officially starting today at 3pm. Looking forward to full days w all four of my kids.
9. The little "oink oink" noises the baby makes when he's hungry.
10. My addiction to buying the baby hats, (just like when Emma was little and my addiction of buying her shoes... lol.)
11. Great conversation and catching up with a friend at lunch! :)
12. People looking forward (and reading) my little things. Thanks guys!

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