Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday's Little Things

I actually had to look at the calendar on my phone to see what day it was. Is it Tuesday already?? really? 
 1. Watching Little Man chase the light reflections all over the house.
2. Frozen Yogurt from Twistee Treat.
3. A visit from Mrs. Christine. And her taking Emma for "girls day" with Molly. Mrs. Christine is so wonderful. We are all thankful for her, especially Emma.
4. Jordan following the rules.
5. Medical insurance! Got some medical stuff in the mail from my delivery. total charges for the hospital (not including my OB care at my Dr. )were over 23 grand.) yikes! i am so thankful that i have medical insurance and only owe 600.00 of it.
6. Jacob asking me for a hug out of the blue. (now if you know Jacob, he is a very "keep to himself" kind of kid.) it's very rare for him to just come and ask for a hug. he said "i don't know why, i just felt like i needed a hug from you". my heart smiled, he sure did make my day!
7. Hand-made Christmas ornaments from the kids. Emma made the cutest ornament!
8. The Tango App. check it out!
9. Gabe coming home tonight. i feel like i haven't seen him in forever!!!! 
10. Bare, clean counters.

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