Thursday, August 18, 2005

Another Update on the Laptop

what a piece of junk! the darn thing white screen again and the date on the machine was all screwed up. we had to take it into compusa again. when we dropped it off the guy said it sounded like a bad mother board. well why cant we just get a whole new computer??? lol. hopefully when we get it back this time it will be fixed. Keep your fingers crossed for us. meanwhile, when ever i want to get on the computer i have to use our desktop which is all the way in the office....not good when you have very mischievious kids!

at least i was smart this time and saved everything to my external hard drive. thank god we bought it a couple weeks ago!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

First day of school! Jordan started Miss Susan's Three year old class today :) he was so excited.
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Jacobs's first day of Miss Margies Four Year old class. He was not a happy camper all morning because he didnt like the way his shoes felt. (thats what happens when you wear flip flops all summer and your feet arent used to being in tennis shoes. i tried explaining it to him but know how he is...)
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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Sunday, August 07, 2005


omg! i am so freaking mad right now. we JUST got my laptop back from CompUSA when? Wednesday night? We hadnt even really used it till Friday. well i was sitting there talking to matt again, and all of a sudden the computer white screen. (thats what it did last time!!!) this is such a waste of time and money. thank god we didnt have to pay to get it fixed the two times before (supposed bad memory and bad hard drive.) so whats it going to be this time?? it takes almost an hour to get to the store that we bought it from and who knows how much $$ in gas. not to mention that the time that matt has off of work is very precious since he works so darn much! ugh i am so mad.

dh wants a mac. but i am scared about my digital scrapping software. i know for sure the program i have isnt compatible with macs. so i might have to relearn a whole new program.


The day i have been waiting for forever!

I ORDERED IT!!!!!!!! MY REBEL!!! i cannot wait to get it. i am seriously jumping up and down. why cant the mail run on sundays?? i wish it could have been shipped today lol.

we went to my moms house yesterday for a little get together. she got a bbq pork roast and we had broc and cheese casserole, green bean casserole, rolls, "ohio beans", hotdogs, mac. salad (YUM!), potato salad, a pickle tray, spinach dip, chips, cheese crackers and peperoni was all soooooo yummy. then we had some daquari's and watched the kids and bill play on the slip and slide.

today is my boring day. matt went to work before i woke up and probably wont be home till around 10 or 11pm. i am trying to get my mom to bring us over some yummy left overs :) hopefully i will get some scrappind done. if not paper then definately digital. i have a few DT assignments coming up due and i also want to do some member challenges.

keep checking for updates for when my camera arrives. i will be sure to post some pics :)

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Update on me!!!

We just got home from CompUSA. Our laptop was finally in and all fixed. They said it had bad memory in it. So, that means i did definately loose all of those pics and digi LO's. I think DH was feeling a bit sorry for me and has since bought me a 160 gig hard drive that was on sale. (he originally got a 80 gig from best buy for $39 (?) so when he saw this deal he took the 80 gig back. now i can keep my pics on there and stuff and then just back it up :).

we are finally closed on our house (refi) and i am getting closer and closer to getting my rebel. our check should come friday. DH says he is only giving me $500.00 towards it and i have to come up with the rest (ebay) but we'll see ;) .

i have listed a few things on ebay but the auctions arent going so well :( i was hoping to make at least $60 but i highly doubt i will. here is a link to my auctions :)