Thursday, September 29, 2005

look what i made!!

yes, i know some of you have seen this already, but i had to show it off again. lol. emma absolutely LOVES it and i can not wait to make another one.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I love you Gail!!!!

Gail is a good friend of mine, and momma to my god son. i have known her since highschool and she is the only person that i have kept in contact with from ohio. so, this post is just to say ....... I LOVE YOU GAIL!!!!!! mwwwaaaaaa......!

My little computer nerds
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my great grams bird, Dudly
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emma and my great Gram
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Sunday, September 25, 2005

A good Sunday

Today I dropped matt off at work and took the kids to church. (shocking huh???) i had matts parents watch emma. after church they had a cookout and they also had a bounce house and a water slide. the kids had a blast! and the kids were really good. i was very impressed. if maybe i can find some capris or something cute to wear so that i dont feel so uncomfortable and out of place maybe i can start going on sunday mornings. (matt already grumped about that because that means using gas to go there in the am and at night to go to awana but i told him "its CHURCH!!!") yes, he should be glad i am at least making an effort. (at least for the kids) so, no promises. but thats the plan.

after church i picked up emma from FIL's and we all came home and took naps. it was so nice! i was so tired from going to bed too late and then getting up way to early and being out in the hot sun at the church. so the nap was good. i just hope the kids sleep tonight when its time to go to bed since its a school night. you know my kids, they arent used to taking naps!

well thats it for now. i think i will bring the kids up to pizza hut for some dinner in a bit.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Congrats girls!!!

A big huge congrats to Tracy and Sonya!!! For making the LTM dt. You both totally rock! Also an extra congrats to Sonya for first LO that is going to be published by CK this feb.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

5 Things i am thankful for

Life seems to overwhelm me sometimes and i always seem to never be satisfied so i thought today i would sit back and thing about things that i am thankful for.

1. Healthy and happy kids.
2. Awesome Friendships. Melanie, Sam, Nicki, Melissa, Sonya, and Gale just to name a few ;) )
3. I am thankful for my Dunkin Donuts Iced turtle nut lattes that i have everday.
4. I am thankful for my two mornings a week with no kids. ahhhh i sooooo cant wait till all my kids are in school full time. makes life much easier lol.
5. I am thankful for the things that we have acheived as a family. My family is my everything. I love that i have been with my dh for almost 10 years, we own our own home, have three kids and that dh is on his way with a fantastic career. (just wish the good job would come sooner than later).

Monday, September 19, 2005

Inspiration Challenge 3 at ATD
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Please join me at ATD for this weeks Fashion Inspiration Challenge. :)

Friday, September 16, 2005

i have found a new love.

for those who know me very well it is quite a shocker that i have been listening to country music this past week. i have fallen in love with Keith Urban! especially with this song: making memories of us . i love the photos in the video, the sound, him, and the song. just makes me melt!

i also like another singer,Gary Allen.i have been listening to this song Best i ever had .

so, i have been thinking...why does love change? what happens to those butterflies? sponteneity(sp?), passion, and the longing for each other??? where does it go? and how do you get it back?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

ok i am hoping this verion looks a little better. thanks mel for the advice. what do ya'll think now?
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You must be Curious. as soon as i found this word art i knew the exact picture i wanted to use. my SIMPLE SIMPLE style showing through lately lol. i am stuck in a groove!!! help me get out!
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two new LO's
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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Sonya!

5 obscure things about me.

1. i do not like to get my hands wet. i hate lotion on my hands. it grosses me out. i love to have my hands DRY. thats why i hate doing the dishes. (kinda hard to do dishes and not get your hands wet. :( )

2. i have a horrible relationship with both of my dads. my step dad and i never had a good relationship and my bio dad pretty much abandoned me and blames it all on me.

3. i love to eat miracle whip and bread. (yup, just plain)

4. my biggest pet peeve is when people dont answer their phone. i hate not being able to get ahold of people lol.

5. i cant stand to wear regular shoes. i wear flip flops 364 days of the year ;)

update on the laptop. i got the LT back on saturday. they said the only thing that was wrong with it was the idea why because we dont use dial up so we hae never even used the modem. so i know they didnt fix the real problem (we think its the motherboard) and i am sure the LT will break again and we will be spending more gas to take it across town.

emma dropped my external hard drive on the floor and it died. all of the pics that i have taken with my rebel were on there. ALL. all of my digital Layouts. kits...yes, everything. i am so upset. i think for now on, evertyhing is going to have to go on to cd's..ugh i hate burning cd's.


Check out this new Challenge that Sonya posted today at ATD. i cant wait to try it out.

TAG You're it, Nicki!!!!!

Friday, September 02, 2005

The Butterfly
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For a while now, i have noticed this same butterfly hanging around on my back porch. It makes me smile everytime i see it. why? it reminds me of my cousin shannon. she LOVED butterflies. and everytime i see one fluttering around i think of her. we were raised as sisters. her mom was a single mom and always lived in the same house as us. shannon and i were VERY close. she died just after i got pregnant with my first son. she was so excited when she found out about the pregnancy. unfortunately she never got to meet jacob. she was killed in a car accident in feb. of 2000.

recently, a very good friend of mine's son passed away. his name is Colin . he was such an inspiration to all of us and he will be dearly missed. just yesterday something caught my eye in the back porch. it was a brand new butterfly. there are now two butterflies fluttering around on my back porch. how interesting is that???

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurricane Relief Stamp set (from TAC website)

(from TAC's website. )
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of Hurricane Katrina and their families! To offer our support in this most devastating time, a special stamp set has been designed to support victims of Hurricane Katrina.

T-2254 • $5.95

The Angel Company™ will donate the proceeds from the sales of this stamp set to The American Red Cross to help disaster victims of Hurricane Katrina.

This set will be available for purchase beginning Friday, September 9th.

every little bit helps. please email me if you would like to purchase this "Awareness " stamp set.