Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday's Little Things

1. Hearing about my kids' day on the phone. They had a blast at the Christmas party they went to. They always love seeing their Gigi. :)
2. Getting all of the kids' Christmas presents wrapped. (and realizing that I bought two of the same size items for the boys...oops I guess I have a couple more gifts to buy :p )  == i have to be careful what i write on here since Jacob reads my blog lol.
3. Having a great nephew, Jose who is always willing to help. Thanks, Jose!
4. Listening to Pandora (Nelly station) and hearing songs that I haven't heard in YEARS! Brings back many memories!!
5. Baby Gabriel fitting into more outifts.
6. Fighting my brownie batter craving. I want to give in SO bad... but I haven't yet.. lol
7. Baby Gabriel's chubby cheeks.
8. The excitement of looking at pictures just picked up from Walgreens. Even though I already know what they look like, i still get excited when i pick up prints.
9. Sleeping in till 10:00.
10. Random calls through out the day from Gabe.
11. Baby Gabriel sleeping all night till 5am last night. 
12. Waking up and hearing the rain. So relaxing.
13. Play time with the baby, trying to capture his smiles in a picture.... lol I think it's impossible!

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