Sunday, July 31, 2005

Thanks Mel

I got this from mel. You should try it :)

Your Linguistic Profile:

80% General American English

15% Yankee

5% Dixie

0% Midwestern

0% Upper Midwestern

i had trouble with a couple of questions...i didnt know what they were...

Sunday, July 24, 2005

My Poor Poor Computer

My laptop bit the dust the other day. just as i deleted my beach pics off of the memory card my laptop went white. (OH NO) i lost those pics, plus a couple of folders that had some, ALSO ALL of my recent (couple months) of LO's that i have done. we dropped it off at CompUSA yesterday and they said we will hear from them in 3 days or so (when they finally start working on it) and then it will take about two weeks (if it can be fixed). TWO WEEKS WITHOUT MY LAPTOP??!!!!?? omg how am i going to do it? lesson learned, DO NOT STORE A SINGLE THING ON THAT COMPUTER! i am not going to risk loosing everything again.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Great Success

last night was CSI's 4th online crop last night and it was another huge success. Everyone got so much done. The challenges, games, tips, prizes, ect were all great! I am so thankful i work with such a great, and talented team. The admins aren't too bad either ;) . (haha) While everyone else got a lot accomplished i didnt do so well. I only managed to get one layout done (and that was at 11 this morning...)

One of my favorite LOs done last night was by my friend Nicki. her lo, {girl}, was soooo beautiful. i just love everything about it.

Both of the LOs that we did were inspired by the LO posted here, by TracyAustin.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Does this look like Diet food to you????
Nope, it doesnt. i have totally blown my diet. i am soooo not motivated! between the fourth of july, my anniversary and going to disney, i have gained most all of my weight back. :( tonight i treated the kids to smores. lol of course it was because i was craving them lol. they were SO good! the boys enjoyed them too.

i made the mistake of keeping the half pound chocolate bars on the counter. i first noticed jacob in the living room trying to sneek and open up the packaging, i took it away from him right away and i noticed the second chocolate bar was gone. i just knew jordan had gotten ahold of it. sure enough i go to his room and hes in there WITH THE DOOR LOCKED! (arh!!!!) so i unlocked it and there he was, chowing down on the darn hersheys bar! i was soooo mand!
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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Jordan's bday today....

Three years ago today God put a little spice into our lives! he sent us Jordan. LOL. Jordan is a little pill for sure. he is one of a kind. always keeping us on our toes. but thats ok. we still love him. Today he is three. which seems hard to beleive. its seems like hes much older than just three. here he is eating his lolipop that we bought for him from disney.  Posted by Picasa

My last couple of days.

Friday- Mel and i went to the beach. we took all five of her kids and just one of mine (jacob). we all had a good time and i finally got some sun!!!!!

Friday night- Jacob stayed with mel and the other two stayed at MIL and FIL's for the night. DH and i went to Carrabbas to celebrate our 4th anniversary. It was sooooo good. That is our fav. restaurant. After we left there i blew my diet even more (i had a bunch of bread at carrabbas) we went to Cold Stone Creamery for the first time. Neither of us were impressed. But we really didnt know how things worked and we felt rushed. if i were to go again i will get something different.

Saturday we spent the whole day at disney. just dh and i. it was sooo nice. the parks were dead compared to what it usually is like. we were just walking right onto the rides. no sun, so no sun burns and there was a beautiful breeze all day (thanks to hurricane dennis) we did get rained on a little towards the end of the day tho. but it wasnt that bad at all. i am so glad we didnt let MIL talk us out of going. we would have totally regretted it.

it was a very fun weekend. i just wish i would have taken more pics :(

Monday, July 04, 2005

2005-2006 Catalog Posted by Picasa
here is a sneak peek of the new catalog!!! its beautiful! My wish list is so long, i am going to constatly be broke this year. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 01, 2005


I cant even begin to explain how excited i am right now......and anxious!!! i am soooo anxious to get my TAC catalog. i cant wait!!!!! Ro just called me with all the details from seminar (she got the catty today)

here is the run down of what she told me.
We got BAZZILL!!!!! mono packs, fibers, ribbons(but she said that bazzill then discontinued the ribbon)
Match makers by DCWAV (some are exclusive to TAC)
Sanding blocks
painters stacks(?)
Basic Grey paper (even the ones that they discontinued....they will be exclusive to TAC)
Our own ez mount. called creative cling
Alphas that you can purchase letter by letter
A distressed alphabet
grosgrain ribbon
mini albums
tag albums
post bound albums
MM tags (all shapes and sizes)
Bazzill Chips (?)
Pallette ink spots
Pallette stamp and stick pads
Color dusters (kinda like stipple brushes)
Skin tone coloring pencils
creative hot mark (?)
Melting pot stuff (a whole LOT of it)
3 cookie cutters
UTEE in every color
and more
LOTS of embellishments
7gypsies stuff
washer words
Click-It easy eyelet setter
Scrappers floss
photo turns
safety pins
tag album (7gypsies)
black and white library cards (bazzill)
Clever lever punches (?)
new TAC stamp scrubber and new cleaner
work pads are in the catalog
SEI sugar set
and LOTS AND LOTS of new stamps

oh i am going to be broke!!!