Friday, June 10, 2005

Well, it's here.

Hurricane season is here and ready to go. Would'nt it be great if we were? I see that there is already a tropical storm brewing out there. It's not expected to turn into a hurricane (thats good) but we will still get some really bad weather tonight. (Oh Joy!)

I am so not ready to be boarding up the windows, going without power, spending a ton of money on supplies (of course we have nothing so far, surprise surprise, i know.... leave it to us to be last minute).

I really feel bad for the people that still havent recovered from last season. I was watching the news the other day and it showed a house that it looked like the roof was about to cave in. On the outside the roof was covered with tarps (which does nothing when we have been having the weather that we have had lately) and from the inside of the house there was no ceiling. It had all rotted away and you could see the trusses(sp?). I felt so bad for the poor old lady that lived there. She had a few contractors come out to give her a quote. Everyone of them measured it and said they would get back with her and never called. Probably because it would be such a big job. Insead, they are busy ripping people off to do the smaller jobs. it has begun... just one of the joys of living in Florida....


  1. Thats just so scary that the season is upon you again. it just seemed like yesterday you were posting about hiding away during the worse of the storm. Stay safe Tara!!

  2. Tara I hope and pray you guys stay out of the bad weather's path. Every time I see something about hurricanes I think about you.