Monday, June 13, 2005

Pure Heaven

So, i was feeling a bit sorry for myself being stuck with the kids all night again, while dh is in Tampa to see the Glenn Beck show with FIL. i loaded up the kids and headed for blockbuster. as i was loading them all back in the car (ugh loading and unloading is SUCH a chore..) i glanced over at baskin robbins. hmm...that sounded sooooo good. i am now enjoying heaven! there is no other ice cream sunday that even compares to theirs. i ordered kiddy scoops for the boys (chocolate with sprinkles) and a two scoop sundae for me (one scoop jamocha almond fudge and one scoop choc, with hot fudge, whip cream, nuts and cherry). YUM!

we are debating on going to Universal- Islands of Adventure tomorrow since dh is off of work. we'll see....


  1. hmmmmmm.. gotta love how ice cream makes everything better!!

  2. Aww look how adorable they are with their ice cream. lol.