Wednesday, June 15, 2005

How am i going to make it?

how am i going to make it all summer long with the kids? today was horrible. just jordan alone did so many things today he kept me constantly GOING. first, this morning he got a double dozen of eggs out of the fridge. i am sure you already know what he did.... yup, he dropped it. crushes most of the eggs in it. (great, that was supposed to be supper one night).

Then he preceded to poop in his pants. (gross) in the shower he goes for the 5th time today...... along with the usual fighting, running around, messes, and more fighting he also dumped out a BRAND NEW bottle of shampoo. we hadnt even used it yet. i dont know what it is with him and soaps...but he seems to think he HAS to dump all of them out. everytime i get a brand new bottle of dish soap, right down the drain it goes. Never fails. well i know i am in for it with DH this time. because he knew i bought it the other day at the store, and when he goes to wash his hair in the morning he will ask "where is the brand new bottle of shampoo?" (ugh, i think i will sleep in tomorrow...)

so, it doesnt end there. hes on his 6th or 7th shower today (by this time i have lost track) and he hangs on the shower curtain (i guess he thinks he is tarzan) and totally BENDS the metal rod and then it comes crashing down on poor emma.

i think i need to get a summer job!

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  1. Oooh Tara!! {{{Hugs}}} girl! I can totally sympathize.... lets just say that Chris asked if I wanted to back to work today! LOL.... we both need holidays me thinks ;)