Monday, January 24, 2011

All good things come to an end

So, other than all of the sickness and bad news that has hit since i have been on maternity leave,  i have enjoyed being home more than i could ever try to begin to explain. My days of sleeping in, cuddling with my baby boy till 10 am; countless hours of sitting in the rocking chair talking and just admiring my precious baby; no need to wear make up or get dressed up because there is no need to leave the house; nights of staying up to whatever time i want; being home to take care of my sick children; and not having to scramble to figure out baby sitters on school holidays are quickly ending. On Monday, Jan 31, 2011 I will go back to the crazy, stressful, fast-paced lifestyle that we lead before Baby G was born. We will go back  to being away from our home from 6:00am to almost 7:00 pm. The kids will be back to LONG days at the rec. center and school, and the baby will be with Sandra more than he will be with me.  But, i am trying to stay positive. My four babies and i will get through these hard times.
  Jan 31 will be a very emotional day for me. For now, i am loving every last second of being at home with my children.

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