Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Jan 20, 2010 "Todays Little Things"

 With all of the negative things that have been happening lately and me being stressed to the max, I thought I would sit down and think of some positive things...

1. A new customizable blog background, ect.
2. The baby fussing ALLLLL day, wanting me to hold him, comfort him ect. Gabe holding him for five minutes and him crying the whole time (he wants his mommy!!) until he put Barney on Youtube.... the baby perked right up, stopped crying and watched the whole video clip and then started talking... i think he likes Barney!
3. Chicken cooking in the crock pot.
4. Wonderful nurses at our Dr. office.
5. Being off work to take care of all of my sick babies.
6. Hearing about someones "New life/new relationship". I am happy for them!
7. Gabriel growing and growing. He's now 11 pounds at 2 months. ( eek i forgot to ask what his percentages were!!)
8. Store brands that are just as good but cheaper!!! (store brand spaghettios are SO good!)
9. My Mommas help.
10. $5 formula checks from Similac that came in the mail. (love them!!!)
11. Last Sunday's church service. It was the first time I had been to church (period) AND understood/totally got every single word the pastor was talking about. I was glued to him the entire service.  It was a great message that really made me think about things.  I enjoyed it.
12. Learning to do things one-handed  since the baby is requiring my constant attention. I have cooked dinner, made bottles, done the dishes, laundry (not folded- but loading, unloading and switching from washer to dryer)  and much more.... all while holding the baby.  I can tell he is not feeling well at all.  Guess who is in my lap now?  :)

Our house has been hit pretty hard this season with sickness after sickness. My kids had a cough but were ok.... Then Isabella came up here sick and after that it just snowballed from there. First Isabella, then Ashley, then Gabe, Then baby Gabe. we were doing better and slowly getting better once Emy and Isa went back to Miami and then WHAM!!! Emma gets a fever out of no where and tested positive for the flu. Two days later, Jacob got a fever. I know its only a matter of time before it's Jordan's turn. We are spending so much money on meds, and doctors visits. I think we will all be getting a flu shot next year.  ;)

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