Friday, January 28, 2011

Is it Friday already?

I have to say this week has gone by SO fast! I am sure it has something to do with me going back to work on Monday and my maternity leave ending.  :(

 I tried something today that i have really wanted to do for a while now. i have always been a "smart" shopper but never to this extreme and i hope to learn more and more to become even more extreme!!!

I sat down this afternoon and went through my coupons.  i figured if there were a ton of other people out there getting so many great deals and having such great "stock piles" then i should be able to figure it out and do it too!

so i sat down for about 2 hours.... sorting, checking ads, putting together different senarios, ect.

Since i have not invested in a nifty coupon binder i put each senario and transaction in different envelopes with each shopping list written on the front of the envelope.  easy-peasy! all i had to do was look at each list on the front of the envelope, get the items, head to the check out and hand the cashier the envelopes at check out. no shuffling through coupons (no dropping them all down the isles, ect) i knew what i was going into the store for and thats all i came out with!

so here is what i got at Publix! i know it doesn't look like much but buying diapers and formula is comparable to buying diamonds and gold!!! small but pricey! hehe :)
I used store (publix), manufacturer, and target coupons.  Oh, and i also had some Similac $5 checks.

3 cases of diapers (on sale at Publix for 19.99)
(There is a coupon in the Publix ad for $3 off Huggies, plus i used target coupons and manufactuer coupons. )
2 Jumbo Huggies Little Snugglers
3 Wet wipes
1 wet wipe "refill" pack.
2 Bottles of A1 sauce
2 things of mustard
2 Campbells Soup
1 Large can of Similac formula (regular 23.49)
2 Cans of Similac formula (regular 14.49 each)
2 Gallons of Nursery water
1 Finish dishwashing tablets
1 Cascade dishwashing tablets
1 Smiliac 8 oz ready to feed individual bottles
1 Beachnut baby rice cereal

Grand Total? $196.65
total saved? $125.85
out of pocket? $70.80
Not bad, but i am sure i can do better, and I can't wait to try again!

So, question............What was your biggest savings shopping trip? What store? And how much did you save?

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