Thursday, October 06, 2005

sick kids

well i spent the morning at the drs today. jordan cried all night on tuesday night. i mean ALL night!!!! when it was time to get up in the morning he got in the shower and started getting ready for school. then he walked up to me and told me his ear hurt. that whole night that he cried he never once told me why he was crying. everytime i asked he would just cry. i think he was just so over tired and hurting so bad..... so i gave him some tylenol. i had planned on taking him in to the drs but he wanted to go to school instead. and he started acting fine. you would have never known that he was sick by the way he acted all day yesterday and this morning. even when we got to the drs this morning he was running and jumping and playing.....

he and emma have had green runny noses for a while now. and its just gotten worse. but i didnt want to spend 20.00 taking her in along with 20.00 for jordan if they were just going to tell me to give her pediacare or something over the counter. so i only scheaduled the appt for jordan. well turns out they both needed antibiotics because both of them have ear infections. they also wrote me another script for emmas inhalers.

i was lucky and our new insurace covered some of the prescriptions so it wasnt THAT bad. (not like it would have been with out old ins.)

the weather has been so yucky lately and isnt supposed to clear up till the weekend. i hope i get to do my walking tomorrow. i feel soo much better (more energy) when i walk. we didnt get to go wed. because it was rainy.

my mom suprised the boys with halloween costumes today. we are going to have a batman (jacob) and a spiderman(jordan) too bad emma's not going to be catwoman lol. emma will be a little fairy (or something like that lol)

so thats a little update on my end. i am looking forward to watching the OC and reunion tonight. i am loving fall tv. which is so odd for me lol....i ususally NEVER watch tv!!!!!

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  1. Oooo {{{hugs}}} to the kids and to mom. Sucks to have sick kids. Hopefully they will be feeling better soon.

    Cool on the halloween costumes,, can't wait to see pics :)