Thursday, October 13, 2005

Pics for today

just want to share a few pics that i have taken lately....

This is Emma's first pony tail! lol yes i was very excited! she looked SO cute, but of course she didnt let me get a good picture....

This is my friend, Melanie (who doesnt have a blog, but wants one.....)son. isnt he a cutie???? cant tell from this pic, but he has the most beautiful blueberry eyes!

and i know that everyone is probably tired of seeing this pic. but i just have to add it here too!!! i am so excited about halloween this year! emma is going to look too cute!


  1. What great photos Tara! How quickly she is growing up.

  2. Tara - your photography is fabulous! Love those pictures of your sweet little girl (especially the one in the tutu). :)