Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Sonya!

5 obscure things about me.

1. i do not like to get my hands wet. i hate lotion on my hands. it grosses me out. i love to have my hands DRY. thats why i hate doing the dishes. (kinda hard to do dishes and not get your hands wet. :( )

2. i have a horrible relationship with both of my dads. my step dad and i never had a good relationship and my bio dad pretty much abandoned me and blames it all on me.

3. i love to eat miracle whip and bread. (yup, just plain)

4. my biggest pet peeve is when people dont answer their phone. i hate not being able to get ahold of people lol.

5. i cant stand to wear regular shoes. i wear flip flops 364 days of the year ;)

update on the laptop. i got the LT back on saturday. they said the only thing that was wrong with it was the modem....no idea why because we dont use dial up so we hae never even used the modem. so i know they didnt fix the real problem (we think its the motherboard) and i am sure the LT will break again and we will be spending more gas to take it across town.

emma dropped my external hard drive on the floor and it died. all of the pics that i have taken with my rebel were on there. ALL. all of my digital Layouts. everything...digital kits...yes, everything. i am so upset. i think for now on, evertyhing is going to have to go on to cd's..ugh i hate burning cd's.


Check out this new Challenge that Sonya posted today at ATD. i cant wait to try it out.

TAG You're it, Nicki!!!!!


  1. Great list of 5 things!! I loved reading them :) HUGS to you for what happened to your hard drive! I hope that between the laptop and that all gets fixed soon! HUGS.

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  4. Love your list of five things... funny how much we can learn about one another with this game, eh?! ;)

  5. argh!!!! i keep getting spam on my blog. (thats the deleted messages..) :)