Friday, September 16, 2005

i have found a new love.

for those who know me very well it is quite a shocker that i have been listening to country music this past week. i have fallen in love with Keith Urban! especially with this song: making memories of us . i love the photos in the video, the sound, him, and the song. just makes me melt!

i also like another singer,Gary Allen.i have been listening to this song Best i ever had .

so, i have been thinking...why does love change? what happens to those butterflies? sponteneity(sp?), passion, and the longing for each other??? where does it go? and how do you get it back?


  1. If you figure that out can I be the first to know? ;) lol

  2. I am with nicki, let me know too ;) I love all these songs you have been listening too.. i still can't keep my eyes off keith ;)

  3. Hey, I just took a peek at the LOs you posted in an earlier blog entry... great job, hon!

    As for Keith, one of my girlfriends is totally in love with him and going to see him in concert in the near future. I'm not a country fan, but he sure is yummy to look at. :)

  4. I'm with Nicki and Sonya...once you find out let me know too. After 14 years with dh it's hard to even remember those butterflies. :P