Sunday, July 24, 2005

My Poor Poor Computer

My laptop bit the dust the other day. just as i deleted my beach pics off of the memory card my laptop went white. (OH NO) i lost those pics, plus a couple of folders that had some, ALSO ALL of my recent (couple months) of LO's that i have done. we dropped it off at CompUSA yesterday and they said we will hear from them in 3 days or so (when they finally start working on it) and then it will take about two weeks (if it can be fixed). TWO WEEKS WITHOUT MY LAPTOP??!!!!?? omg how am i going to do it? lesson learned, DO NOT STORE A SINGLE THING ON THAT COMPUTER! i am not going to risk loosing everything again.


  1. Oh no, maybe they can salvage the pics.

    I've had to take the computer in to get fixed and they've saved everything so I didn't lose anything except my email contacts.

    Hopefully you can recover them.

  2. I hope its fixed soon Tara.. any news?