Sunday, July 17, 2005

Great Success

last night was CSI's 4th online crop last night and it was another huge success. Everyone got so much done. The challenges, games, tips, prizes, ect were all great! I am so thankful i work with such a great, and talented team. The admins aren't too bad either ;) . (haha) While everyone else got a lot accomplished i didnt do so well. I only managed to get one layout done (and that was at 11 this morning...)

One of my favorite LOs done last night was by my friend Nicki. her lo, {girl}, was soooo beautiful. i just love everything about it.

Both of the LOs that we did were inspired by the LO posted here, by TracyAustin.

1 comment:

  1. Wow wow wow! Love the graphic look of both these layouts. Fabulous job! Adorable photos! I'll have to run over to CSI's gallery for a quick peek at the rest